This is the 3R logo I did for a project about 3r sometime early this year for a children exhibition. I’m sure many of you have seen some form or another of this recycle logo. What is 3R ? And are anyone truly practicing them ? I’m happy to say that in Ipoh there’s a company that is promoting 3R and encouraging Perakian to be more environmentally conscious of their surrounding. To know more about this company and their recycling programme please click here.

Let’s get back to 3R. Many website and blogsite explained about 3R. But there are still alot of people who are ignorance or stubborn or couldn’t be bothered. See…. from my way of thinking…. the older generation couldn’t be bothered because they ain’t gonna be around much longer, the mid-age are stubborn because they are too busy making MONEY by destroying the environment and the younger generation is ignorance because they were never taught by their parents or teachers about 3R. Asked around you and I’m sure you will see a pattern appearing of Malaysian who are too BUSY shopping (adding to the rubbish), making MONEY(using up more natural resources) “I’m not against anyone making money but be more environmentally conscious-lah” . You say enough liau-lah, I say no-way. Doesn’t it feels terrible when someone bitch about something you know YOU can do a difference ? Remember what Mahatha Gandhi said, “be the CHANGE you wish to see in THE WORLD” It doesn’t have to be creating or inventing anything to do something for the world, small gesture of managing you waste with 3R makes alot of different. Think about the future generation. This earth/world do belong to them.

Below is the copies I wrote for “A family guide to 3R” brochure. It’s to help every individual to do 3R – REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE.


The issues of pollution and the state of the environment have become worldwide concerns. Every time we turn on TV or read the newspaper we are treated to the latest environmental disaster. Issues like water pollution, the Greenhouse Effect, ozone depletion and acid rain are discussed in every corner of the globe. This new awareness brings hope for the future. We need to work together to keep our planet clean and free of toxic wastes. Remember, earth is our only home.


Waste when thrown into bin, becomes a part of the environment – that’s YOUR environment, everything that surrounds you including air, land, plants, water and man-made things. You need a healthy environment for your own health and happiness. Effective waste management is important, the waste we create has to be carefully controlled so that it does not harm your environment and your health.

What is waste ?
Waste is anything discarded, throwaway, rejected, surplused, abandoned or released into the environment.

If you love your home (earth) than NOW is the time to step up and take action. Be green, be responsible and think of your family’s future.


You and your family can help by practising the 3R’s of waste management : Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Practising all three of these activities everyday is important for a healthy environment. Take a few minutes right now to learn more about waste and waste management, so that you and your family can be key players in making our world a safe and healthy place.

Why do you need to use 3R’s ?
* Saving space
* Saving natural resources
* Save energy
* Reduce pollution


A key part of waste “reduction” is CONSERVATION.
You and your family can practice reduction by selecting products that do not have to be added to landfills.
* Buy and use less
* Wise packaging selections – precycle by purchasing products in packaging that’s recyclable, buy in bulk, refuse to buy over-packaged products, buy unpackaged or “bare” items when you can.
* Buy 100% recyclable products ~ recycled paper, recycled glass etc.
* Avoid man-made fibers
* Refuse store bag, bring your own shopping bag
* Use durable products
* Avoid buying disposable items
* Buy local
* Cut down on can and frozen food
* Cut down on takeaways
* Avoid aerosol sprays (contain CFCs that deplete the ozone layer)
* Avoid buying styrofoam prepackaged items
* Start a garden, consider planting bamboo (stores more CO2 and generate 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees)
* Save water ~ take showers instead of baths, don’t leave water running when cleaning your teeth, fix dripping taps
* Save energy ~ replaced a light bulb with Compact Fluorescent (CFL) because it last up to 10 times longer than traditional bulbs; only lights rooms you are actually occupying; use a laptop; wash clothes in cold water
* Carpool, ride a bicycle or take public transportation
* Unplug electrical appliances when not in used
* Drive smaller, more energy-efficient car & use lead-free petrol
* Never pour toxic substances like insecticide or kerosene or cooking oil down the drain


Do not throw away things that are still usable, pass on to others who can use them. ” One man’s waste is another man’s treasure.”
* re-use disposables like plastic cups, plates, utensils and plastic food storage bags, etc.
* take along lunchbox or tiffin when buying takeaways
* repair rather than replace
* donate to charity
* hold a garage sale or give-away
* Use canvas or cloth bags when shopping
* reuse plastic bags
* buy washable cotton diapers
* use empty plastic water or soft drink bottles as drink bottle for school and office
* buy product in refillable containers e.g. washing powder, coffee, tea etc.
* reuse old envelope
* use both sides of paper
* scrap paper use to make own paper
* rent or borrow items you don’t use very often
* save old egg cartons, toilet rolls, margarine and ice-cream tubs for art & crafts
* use refillable pens instead of disposable
* use rechargeable batteries and refillable print cartridge
* used egg carton to plant seedlings
* find creative way to reuse your waste before throwing it into the bin


Recycling occurs when you save and take reusable materials to places where they can remade it into either the same product or new products. Recycling means turning something old into something new.

Just about anything in your home (or office or school etc.) that cannot be reused CAN be recycled into something else. Set up a system of separating your waste for recycling.

* Paper ~ tie into bundles
* Beverage carton ~ FLIP : open the top side flaps of the carton; FLAP : open the bottom flaps; FLAT : flatten it.
* Aluminium can ~ empty contents, rinse, dry and crush & metal containers ~ empty contents and clean
* Glass ~ empty contents and clean
* Plastic : drinking bottle ~ remove cap, empty bottle, rinse and crush; plastic containers ~ empty contents and clean
* Organic (food scrap) ~ pour into compost heap in your garden to be turn into fertilizer.

Deposit them at the various recycle centre. Make sure you put the waste in the correct bin.

Remember, recycling is a great way to conserve resources – but even better is not to create
the waste in the first place.

Now, isn’t that easy ? There is so much YOU can do with very little effort. And the best part is you will probably save yourself a lot of money while you are at it.

I hope the above do help some of you who are still mong cha cha about 3R. It’s very simple. Start doing it today. You can even collect points and exchange it for Jusco voucher at the link above.


Wow…since this is the most popular post, I’ve decided to bring it up front. To see the actual brochure, you can visit my design site . Sorry, site expired. Will have another up ASAP. See it here.



It is that time of the year again. Switch OFF your light for an hour to pledge your commitment to earth hour. Rushing about a lot lately and manage to only sketch out the above on iPad. Would have tried afew more but time is catching up on me.

This year 2013, earth hour falls on 23 March, Saturday at 8.30 pm – 9.30 pm. Earth hour is a simple idea that quickly went viral the world over. Many millions of people around the world decided to turn off their lights for one hour on the same night as a united front to show the care about planet EARTH. Pledge your support for earth hour

Let us make earth hour a memorable one for each other to be spend with our love ones. The world that work and play together can achieve greatness together.

Happy Earth Hour to all earth citizen. cheers

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Think small. Every year groups of people tried to organized to get as many people as possible to switched off their light for ONE hour. That’s 60 minutes. So you will be in the dark for an hour, put on candle light and create a romantic atmosphere with family and friends. Sweat for an hour, no entertainment like tv or radio, so sing to each other. I know that it says switch off your light for an hour, but wouldn’t be more to not switched on other appliances ? Just a thought on my part. Cause I usually tried not to switched ON the other appliances. Hope you will be joining me today.

Date : 31st March 2012
Time : 8.30pm to 9.30pm

Remember an hour in darkness may bring more prospective than a day in the light.
Happy Earth Hour.

Green bitch/witch


Image from Earthday.org

Tomorrow is 22nd April 2011 and it is Earth Day. Since it was first introduced in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson, but only after several years in the planning. This year, Earth Day 2011 is being organized around the theme of A Billion Acts of Green®, which encourages individuals, corporations and non-corporate organizations to “live and act sustainably.”

What does “live and act sustainably” actually mean?
Every year, there’s a theme for earth day and everyone will harp about it and later forget about it.  If everyone only do certain things on Earth day, what about the rest of the days in a year ? Like the theme this year, we are encourage to live our life according to what we pledge on earth day. Not only for 1 day but through out the rest of the year. I have not been writing for the past few months because I am busy. Is that a good excuse, to some it’s not a excuse at all. Earth Day maybe just a day every year that we celebrate our home EARTH but we must keep her in our everyday life and to do all that is neccesary to maintain her well being because if she is SICK, than we are in big trouble.

Everyone can do their part. Some decide to green their area, educate more people about climate change and green economy. That is very good. But most importantly, everyone must do their part. Earthling MUST love EARTH. If you don’t, than everyone is DOOM. I am not trying to hamper or bring gloom and doom but sustaining earth is everyone’s responsibility and not just a few. ” Human are like virus” – a quote from Matrix the movie. I agree with that phrase because we move from place to place, we multiple, use up the resources and move on. If we continue to keep wasting resources and torturing mother Earth, we are in for very serious consequences. Climate change, global warming to name a few. Everyday in the news we hear and read about melting glazier, earthquakes, tsunami etc.

The latest incident in Japan in a very sad. After being strike by a 9.0 earthquake that trigger a massive tsunami, they had to deal with damage nuclear reactors. Yes, everyone said that nuclear power is clean energy. Is it really clean ? Does Japan think it is clean after what happened ? Is having nuclear power so important that we are willing to risk our future generation. The last I read, they are pumping seawater into the reactor and later the seawater are being push back into the ocean. I’m no scientist but I don’t like the idea that radioactive waste(not sure of the term) being thrown into our ocean. Will this effect out ocean ? Fishes, seaweed, food supplies. Some of the radioactive waste are also leaking into the ground. What will be the outcome of all this ?

I live in a country that does not use nuclear power yet. There are talk of building a nuclear power plant. Should we or shouldn’t we ? No doubt, having a nuclear power plant will enable the country to generate more electricity but are we prepare for the backslash ? Yes, many of you will say that, if we built it, it’ll be the latest technology and not like the one in Japan. Mind you, Japan’s was the latest when it was built too. They never forseen that they are gonna be hit by a giant tsunami. What happen in Japan can happen elsewhere. So ask yourself, if what happen in Japan were to happen to you, what than. Prevention is better than cure. Say “NO” to nuclear plant ? Or allow nuclear plant to sprout like mushroom all over earth and pass on this legacy to the next generation, along with mutated fishes, radioactive soil that bear food that feed the farm animals that everyone consume. THINK! Every parent tries to leave something behind for their children. In their will, properties, money, valuable etc. All these things are useless if EARTH that is our HOME is pump with radioactive waste.

” We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.”

~ Native Indian proverb 

As I mention above I live in a country that does not have a nuclear plant but that does not mean  we do not have radioactive waste. This incident happened before I move to Ipoh and apparently, there are still radioactive waste. “…. Experts visited the Papan dumpsite and declared it unsafe with radiation up to 800 times the accepted level.”  The latest news is there are plan to build a processing plant in Gerbang, near Kuantan(my hometown) that will refine slightly radioactive ore from Australia. Read more here.

As we countdown to EARTH DAY, ponder and think, what have I done to mother earth. Do I want to go down in history as one of the virus that infected mother earth ? Or is it too late to stop the destruction. Will my children’s children curse me for leaving them a home that is not even liveable. You decide.

Green bitch/witch


First of, let me just say …..

Happy Heritage Day 2011.

Tin Mining in Malaysia 1800-2000: The Osborne & Chappel Story. Written by David Palmer and Michael Joll.

Yesterday I was in Gopeng for the launching of David Palmer’s book titled Tin Mining in Malaysia 1800-2000: The Osborne & Chappel Story. Have been working on the book for the past few months and am very glad to see it published and launched. The book is published by Muzium Gopeng who are also offically opening their “Heritage House”. The event was officiated by the Minister of Tourism YB Dato’ Sri Ng Yen Yen.

Dato Ng Yen Yen holding the book with the author David Palmer on the left.

Hard covered, 352 pages, and featuring a wealth of original illustrations, maps, tables and never before seen photographs. Priced at RM100 / GBP20 (excluding packing and postage). You can order by email from Mrs Mai Palmer – mataniph@yahoo.com . Or just go over to http://www.osbornechappelstory99.wordpress.com

Heritage House in Gopeng

The Heritage House is located at 6, Jalan Sungai Itek, 31600 Gopeng. Tel : 05-3597828. “It is the latest building in Gopeng to be restored with the aim of transporting visitors back in time to have a glimpse of how life was when the Kinta Valley had the richest tin mines in the world.” – source Foong Thim Leng ~ Starmetro. Visit to Heritage House is by appointment only and there’s also a “homestay programme”. Beside the Opening of Heritage House and the launching of “Tin Mining in Malaysia 1800-2000: The Osborne & Chappel Story”, Muzium Gopeng is also celebrating their 2nd Anniversary as well as World Heritage Day. The town that once was the base for “Sup Yee Kongsi” (Osborne & Chappel) is moving towards Heritage Eco-Tourism. Well done Gopeng. To all, cheers. HAPPY HERITAGE DAY 2011. “It is not the HONOR that you take with you but the HERITAGE you leave behind.” – Branch Rickey greenbitch/witch


In less than 2 weeks time chinese the world over will be ushering in the new lunar year. This year is the year of the rabbit. I’m taking this opportunity to wish everyone who will be celebrating this festival a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. May your life be blessed.

While all of us are enjoying ourselves, let’s not forget to do 3R. Re-use previous year decorations and if possible use “angpow” to create your own chinese new year decoration. To get started on your own DIY deco, click here.

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Here’s wishing everyone Happy Holidays.

I’m sure everyone is now in holidaying mood. Partying and enjoying the festive season with family, friends and making new ones. Just a note or may I say a reminder as we celebrate a close of 2010 and the begining of 2011, please think of mother earth and try not to go overboard with wrappings and over packaging of gifts. Remember 3R. Below is a proverb that I think everyone should remember. This is not to dampen you holiday spirit but to make you be more aware.

” Only when the last tree has died

and the last river has been poisoned

and the last fish been caught,

will we realise that

we cannot eat money.”

– Cree Indian Proverb

Signing off – May next year be even better than this year.

Green bitch/witch


Tomorrow is 22nd September and chinese the world over will be celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival or better known to most as Mooncake Festival or Lantern Festival to the younger generation;  (traditional Chinese: 中秋節), is a popular harvest festival celebrated not only by Chinese but Korean, and Vietnamese people.

Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated every year on the 15th day on the 8th month of the lunar calendar. It is a date that parallels the autumnal equinox of the solar calendar, when the moon is supposedly at its fullest and roundest.This year happened to fall on the 22nd September, Wednesday. To many, this is the day the family gather to eat mooncakes and kids will play with lantern. I’m not too crazy about eating mooncakes because they are so very sweet. There are many variety offered to cater to every taste. Mocha flavor, green tea, durian etc. You name it, they’ll create it. How did this festival comes about ?

During the early years of the Qin rule, chinese people practice praying to the sun in spring and moon in autumn. The Mid-Autumn Festival derived from the tradition of worshipping the moon. The forefathers believed that the harvest depended on the Moon Goddess. Without her showers of rain and constant changes to reflect the season s, it would be impossible to have a bumper harvest. The rites and rituals for moon worship were usually done on a grand scale.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the few most important holidays in the Chinese calendar, the others being Chinese New Year and Winter Solstice, and is a legal holiday in several countries. Farmers celebrate the end of the summer harvesting season on this date. Traditionally on this day, Chinese family members and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon, and eat moon cakes and pomelos under the moon together. Accompanying the celebration, there are additional cultural or regional customs, such as  putting pomelo rinds on one’s head ; carrying brightly lit lanterns, lighting lanterns on towers, floating sky lanterns ; burning incense in reverence to deities including Chang’e (Chinese: 嫦娥 ); planting Mid-Autumn trees; collecting dandelion leaves and distributing them evenly among family members and etc.

The ancient believed that the sun was yang and the moon was yin. Hence, the deity that lived in the moon had to be a female fairy. Every culture all over the world have their own myth and legend regarding the moon. For the chinese it’s the tale of Chang-e flying to the moon that has been circulated since the Han Dynasty and she has been associated with the moon ever since. Below is a concise version.

The Legend of Chang-e

Once there appears to have 10 suns in the sky causing people to suffer. The divine archer Hou Yi shot down 9 of them and was banished to earth with his wife Chang-e to live as mortals. Later, Hou Yi acquired an elixir of immortality, but as he had changed for the worse after living on earth, Chang-e drank the potion and flew to the moon alone.

For a more on the legend read here.

So how did mooncake becomes part of the celebration ?

Legend has it that it originated towards the end of the Song Dynasty when the Mongols invaded China. The common folk suffered under their rule and hence planned to revolt. To keep their plans from being discovered, the hid messages in round cakes which were sent to every family. On the 15th night of the 8th month, the people rose up in revolt and killed the Mopngol invaders as they slept. Mooncakes are eaten on this day every year to commemorate this event. The round mooncakes of the past have since evolved into the present-day mooncakes with fillings. Mooncakes are round, symbolising reunion and completeness. Therefore, eating mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival represents the family’s togetherness and living in sweet harmony.

As to how lantern are associated with Mid-Autumn Festival, I am still not sure. Since I can’t find any reference to it accept that it’s part of the custom or ritual to light lantern and float sky lanterns. Normally, children are the one most happy, parading their lanterns.

Whatever the case, enjoy your mooncake. Psss…. try not to buy mooncakes that overdo on packaging. As we enjoy this day, please remember that reducing our over indulgence on unneccesary packaging can slowdown the process of turning our earth into a garbage minefield. Go for minimalist packaging and you can still enjoy the festival. Whatever the day, festival it maybe, practice your 3R – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.


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