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Yes, let Talk….about …..

Are you a Big people, Average people or small people. Most of us do tend to be the latter two. Why is that ? Maybe we are not brilliant mind like Einstein or Newton…etc. For me I consider myself more of average person becos I like to talk about things. Things that affects me and people around me. That’s what prompted me to have this blog. I’m not one who talk alot. I only speak up when I feel there’s a need.

What is this thing I wanna Talk-about ? It’s about EARTH. Huh ? Yes, you read it correctly. Do you always throw things or rubbish all over your own backyard ? Or just throw stuff over at your neighbours? EARTH is our home! If you take care of your home than you have better take care of earth. Why ? Becos’ It’s the only home we have. If we plunder it’s resources, destroy the natural eco balance, where are we gonna move on to ? Can we find another home like EARTH ? Does anyone bother to think beyond what’s in front of them ? Or are we too small minded to even care about anything but the lastest fashion, style and how we compare with the Jones. Do you love mother Earth ? Think about it. Go outside (if the air are not too polluted ) and see the wonder of our beautiful world. All it has to offer and yet it has been taken for granted.

June 5th is World Environmental Day. Are you gonna do something for EARTH or are you just gonna wait till there’s no more earth.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

~Native American Proverb

Parents out there, do you really love your children ? Giving them all the worldly procession and destroying their heritage is not the way to go. Stop being selfish and start thinking about them and their future.

signing out

GREEN BITCH (if bitching can keep the earth green, I’ll definately do it)


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Hello world!

Welcome to greenbitch.WordPress.com. This is your first post. Seems the whole world is blogging. If you can’t beat them just join them. Wonder why the name ? actually I wanted it to be greenwitch but was already used by someone.

HELLO WORLD…..here I come. What a wonderful world. Green, blue, red, yellow so many colors. Isn’t it great to be alive. Be prepared to see two side of me. The bitch/witch and the angelic me. Duo personality. Ha ha ha ha ha. Well, all of us do have a good and bad side. Just not sure which one rule that’s all.
Make everyday EARTH DAY.

green angel

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