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In my earlier posting I listed out what you can do about 3R which is really the basics. Waste management has to start at home. Education is truly needed to make people aware that waste management is one way to reduce our rubbish and reduce the number of land fill. I have seen a very drastic change in the amount of waste I threw out. How did that happen. Firstly, sorting out my trash that I can reuse and recycle. What is normally left is the foodstuff, separate your organic waste and recycle them to make your own compost. Start with a container that you keep handy in the kitchen, for me I re-use a margerine tin (2.5kg) with plastic cover to keep my kitchen scraps and every evening I will add it to my compost pile. You can also have a larger container outside to put in all the scraps.

Composting is probably one of the simplest and most effective way to enrich garden soil naturally. Healthy soil is the essential ingredient needed for healthy plants. Recycling your organic household wastes from the kitchen into the garden via a compost heap will save you an enormous amount of time, money and energy. The time and effect needed is really no more trouble than putting food scraps in the bin. Read more here

Photograph: Joseph Sohm/Corbis

What are organic kitchen scraps ? Egg shells, tea leaves, vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, nut shells, fruit skins, small pieces of meat and small bones. Avoid putting large bones in as they take longer time to break down. You can add all manner of organic material to your compost ~ natural fibre clothing, food-soiled paper, garden trimmings, wood shavings and grass from moving the lawn.

A compost pile encourages natural decomposition of organic materials.

See how easy it is to reduce the amount of waste from your household. If you do not have a garden or have no use of compost, try looking for member of your community which do need organic scraps to make compost. Imagine if everyone were to recycle their kitchen scraps, there will definately be less need for more landfill. It’s a pity that there are no one (that I know of/ heard of) collecting organic waste. Every family seems to be throwing away alot of organic waste everyday and you can certainly smell it whenever the trash truck passes by. Hell, all those dried leaves and grass are also used in the compost. In my earlier post I bitch about my neighbour which LOVES to burnt her pile of dried leaves and grass, well, she now burnt it in front of her house rather than the back. Every morning I can smell the smoke coming from her place. Which is why educating the public about waste management and also open burning should be a priority. There are still alot of ignorant and stubborn people out there. Unless, they are being fined or educated, they will continue with their old ways without caring for the present and future generation.


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Wow….. this is the 2nd time I’m writing this article. Why you ask ? The keyboard got screwed up big time and erased the whole article and it got saved – automatically before I can undo it. Hai…. alright… let get back to the matter at hand. Today is the summer solstice and it’s supposed to be the longest day in the year. Exciting times we are living in, Malaysia’s politic is ever changing, now with the “Calm before the storm” comes monday when the parliment meet. Well, closer to home…. Ipoh-lah. Things are also happening…., there’s talk about bringing back the shine and glitter to the town that tin built – IPOH. Discovered this news and would like to share with you all. Taken from NST online


Tambun a ghost town tomorrow
By : Brenda Lim

IPOH: Some 4,000 people living in Tambun will have to evacuate their homes tomorrow while a bomb disposal unit destroys a live 1,000-pound bomb found in Sungai Pinji last week.

Areas within a 500m radius of the bomb site will have to be cleared as a precaution, as the explosive device cannot be moved and must be detonated on the spot, said Ipoh district police chief ACP Azisman Alias.

Those living and working in Taman Tambun, Taman Tambun Jaya, Kampung Baru Tambun and Kampung Malay Reserve are advised to lock their premises and clear the area by 8.30am, he said.

“They can return when the area is declared safe, which is at about 1pm or 2pm,” he said here yesterday.

For those who do not have transport, the police will arrange for buses to fetch them at designated spots and ferry them to two waiting areas, namely the Tambun mosque and the Royal Malay Regiment base, he added.
“Make plans to leave the area, so that you will not be caught in the Saturday morning rush,” he said.

Roadblocks will be set up along Jalan Tambun, Jalan Ampang Baru 6 and the road leading to Taman Tambun Permai, with police barring entry into the area from as early as 7am, he said.

Leaftets will be distributed to inform the residents, while police on patrol will also inform affected residents that they must comply with the evacuation order.

“If we have to, we will use force to ensure that the residents leave the area.

“We don’t want to take any risks,” he said.

With the latest technique in bomb disposal, it is very likely that the process will not cause any loss of life or property, he said.

The bomb was believed to have been dropped from the air during the Japanese occupation in World War 2.

This is the first large-scale operation to destroy a 1,000-pound bomb in Ipoh, with more than 200 policemen involved in the operation, he said.

There you have it. World War 2 bomb was found by a fisherman and they are gonna destroy it today. Happening or not man ? Speaking of WW2, would like to mention about another history in the making event that will be taking place in Ipoh this coming 25th to 27th June. The play titled “SYBIL”. Don’t know who she is ? Well, than you have better go and see the play. She is a true heroine of our time. Read the article below taken from Star online.

Paying tribute to Sybil Kathigasu


NOT many people know the tale of Sybil Kathigasu, the gallant nurse who suffered during the Japanese Occupation to save her fellow Malayans from torture.As many Perak folk know, Sybil’s story is one of sadness and pride. She bravely fronted the resistance movement in her own daring way and thus subjected herself to arrest, torture and war scars that ultimately led to her demise in 1948.Her spine-chilling tale will, for the first time, be re-enacted in a 100-minute play directed by Datuk Faridah Merican.

Tale of gallantry: Law and organising chairman Audrey Poh showing a poster on the play.

Perak Heritage Society president Law Siak Hong said that the society mentioned Sybil’s story to Faridah some time ago, hoping that the heroine’s story could be told in a drama.

“Sybil far surpassed the women of her time. She was probably the only Malayan woman to have been accorded the Hero’s Medal from the British Government in 1947,” he said.

Sybil, who was born in Medan in 1899, arrived in Papan, Perak, where her famed clinic still lies, with her husband Dr A.C. Kathigasu in late December 1941.

“Barely five days after that, a bomb ripped through Ipoh. Sybil endured 20 months of fear and defiance.

“She quietly aided the resistance movement and tended to wounded guerrillas,” Law said.

He added that Sybil was later arrested along with her husband on suspicion of aiding the resistance.

“She was tortured terribly by the Kempetai (Japanese secret police) officers and interrogated. Later, she was thrown into the Batu Gajah Prison and was only released after the war was over,” he said.

Law said that Sybil’s noble acts needed to be remembered by all and that the play would be one way for the public to learn about her life.

He added the play would be based on an adaptation by U-En Ng of Sybil’s own book No Dram of Mercy.

Law said that the play would be a fundraiser and proceeds would help to kickstart the society’s project to document Perak heritage.

“We are using this fundraiser to raise at least RM50,000 through ticket sales as well as individual donations or sponsorships,” he said.

Sybil, the play, will be staged at the Actors Studio, Bangsar Shopping Centre, at 8.30pm from June 12 to June 14, June 17 to June 21, and at 3pm on June 15 and June 22.

In Ipoh, the show will be staged at Taman Budaya Negeri on June 25 and June 26 at 8.30pm.

Tickets are available at RM40 and RM20 (students). For enquiries, call 03-20940400/1400.

The final fundraising show will be held at Taman Budaya Negeri on June 27 at 8.30pm.

Admission is by invitation and reserved seats are available at RM60. Limited free seating is available at RM40 for adults and RM20 for students.

For invitations, call the society at


the Perak Academy at 05-5478949 and the Perak Society of Performing Arts at 05-5487814

Ipoh is no more a dead town although Tambun will be a ghost town for afew hours today to make way for the bomb disposal unit to destroy the 1,000 pounds WW2 bomb. With so many events taking place in  and around Ipoh, slowly….. hopefully….. Ipoh will become a happening town again. SYBIL the play based on the book “No dram of Mercy” tell the tale of a woman who is a true heroine of our time. Do you care ? You can be a part of this Ipoh happening by making yourself available on the 27th June night for the fundraising show in assisting the Perak Heritage Society to help educate and develope a more caring heritage Perakians. After all, caring about our heritage is a responsibility of all Perakian, whether borned, raised or migrated here. Please care about our past because ” I think that we honor ourselves by honoring our past.” With that said, here is the poster of Sybil, the play. To know more about the event, please call the number listed in the above article.

Every new day brings a new dawn and new happening or events. Hopefully, there will be more to bring some excitement to Ipoh. HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEKEND AND BE GREEN(not with envy but environmentally conscious).

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Notice that lately, everywhere you go, you see and hear the word “GREEN” mention repeatedly. Why ? Is it a trend ? Or has Malaysian woken up to the fact that they can make a CHANGE! This morning I woke up to see the ntv7 breakfast show talking about 1utama shopping mall being the 1st green mall in the country. So does that mean they are not handing out plastic bags ? Banning plastic bags like Ireland, Australia, San Francisco, China etc ? Ummm if it’s true….than kudos. Below is the flyer from 1utama.

Closer to home that’s Ipoh…. there was an exhibition in Kinta City on “Be green, be Responsible”, was on from 13th to 15th June 2008. Before that there was also an environmental seminar jointly organised by the Perak State Government (PR) and BrunswickIndustries Sdn. Bhd. (ECPD) on the 5th June 2008 at the Dewan Serbaguna, Perak State Secretariat Building, Ipoh. Below are taken from Pakatan Rakyat Perak website :

“ENVIRONMENTALLY conscious groups are invited to take part in a green seminar in conjunction with World Environment Day 2008.

The one-day seminar, organised by the Perak Government and Brunswick Industries Sdn Bhd, is about preserving the environment, state executive councillor Nga Kor Ming said.

Themed “Be green, be responsible,” Nga said the event at the State Secretariat Building in Ipoh would be opened by Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin on Thursday.

“We expect some 350 people to take part in the event and we have reserved 100 seats for the public,” Nga said, adding that public participation would be free.”

I was invited, wanted to attend but had other obligations. As for the Kinta City exhibition, I missed it totally even after making sure I make a reminder on the calender. Haven’t been out of the house/office for close to a week. Only took the bicycle to the nearby shop. Going to Kinta City means driving there and what with the hike in fuel, I’m cutting down on the number of trips I make using motorised vehicle. From now on, 2 wheels leg-powered vehicle will be used unless I need to carry huge and heavy things like rice (10kg) or other stuffs. Remember the cry of “tukar gaya hidup”, well I’m changing alright, I worked from home, I cycle, I plant my own vegetables, so what else can I do to change ?


After all that’s been said and done, YOU….. can make the change….. if you really want to. So which shade of green are you ?

With that question, think about it, DO NOT be green because it makes you look trendy and hip, be green because you care for your surrounding/environment. Make sure GREEN stays the “in” color for all season and not just another fashion statement/ color of the season.

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Sunday morning look at the sun, I think I’ll take a walk in the park, hey, hey, hey it’s a beautiful day
Hey, hey, hey beautiful sunday, this is my, my, my beautiful day……

so I feel like singing….. the sun is up, my garden is growing and blooming. above is a closeup of my orange ulam. I think it’s a hybrid of the local ulam raja which is eaten with belacan and sold in the market. Heard that this can also be eaten but not as tasty. Why am I in such a chippy and happy mood you ask ? Guess I must have waken up on the RIGHT side of the bed. hahahaha ( there’s only 1 way of the bed for me-whatever) very good mood today so not spoiling it with nonsense or bitching, pissing etc. Will be completing the garden shade and should be able to put most of my herbs and plants in a few more days.   Since I’m in such a pleasant mood, would like to share this poster with you all.


I’ve always like all this Irish blessing. Makes you feel good…….
I’m going into my garden now and gonna smell the flowers – my collection of fragrant flowers and herbs. Listen to the birds chipping away, squirrels and lizards running about and of course play with my dearly beloved doggies – yogi, ziggy, tubby and sam. (will introduce them to you soon…)

1 last photo of my seed grown ulam. Will post more photos of the yellow hybrid that I found by the roadside later. It’s fun to go riding on the tandem and hunting for plants that turn out so beautiful. Best part is this plant do not need to be looked after. God is a GREAT gardener!

signing off

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Poster from All Posters.com

gRRRRRL…… the weather is starting to be drier and it’s open season for open burning. Most of the time I read in the newspaper or watch tv about open burning and how the haze was cause by farmers in neighbouring country Indonesia which uses slash & burn method to clear their farmland. well…. not anymore. I’ve the first hand experience to see 3 neighbours doing it in broad daylight. One of them even have the gull to ask us to not pileup our dried leaves in the corner but burn it. According to her, my garden has lots of wildlife like snake, squirrels, musang etc. Her emphasis was on snakes. The so call snake that she mention is actually 4 legged lizard which only appears IF you have a healthy garden.

Now…. you must be wandering why I would have a pile of dried leaves at a corner ? Well, I’m clearing my backyard to make place for my veggies & herbs and am putting up shade. The pile at the corner will be used as compost. See if you recycle your organic waste and mixed it with dried leaves, grass, they’ll make compost for your garden. (will explain more in another posting)Photo credit: lyanafnd.

Back to my story, her maid started burning their dried leaves and here we were trying to work on our garden. All the smoke started to blow over to our garden. When we told her not to do open burning, she defended by saying the other neighbour does it everyday. Wow… that does justified everyone burning rubbish huh. Now I know who the rascal who’s been burning everyday when the sun is up. All my clothes smell of smoke. We told her that open burning is a offend and can be fined or jailed. She was very quick to said that we have alot of snake in our garden and we have very untidy garden. True, the garden is very old, it belong to my late father-in-law who refuse to allow anyone to change anything in the garden. So it’s like a jungle, fully covered with canopy trees like a jungle feel. When he passed away, we started clearing a small area to grow herbs and also veggies. Still trying to clear it. Since our backyard is facing her backyard, she always bitching about it being untidy. So now I can BITCH about her open burning. hahahaha. As far as I am concern, I intend to trim the trees but I’ve no intention of cutting it down. It takes along timefor the rambutan tree to grow to the size and chopping it down may look good but then there will be less tree to store more co2 and generate oxygen. Hai…sigh, after the conversation, the indo maid quickly put out the fire, now I have a furious neighbour. That’s the reason why I kept quiet but sometimes if you don’t say anything you are the only one suffering. Afew hours later, another neighbour (international celeb family home) started to do their open burning. So… is this the case of ” if you can’t beat em’, join em’ ” NO! NO! NO! Next I found out that not only do most of my neighbours practises open burning openly but the army camp nearby does it frequently also. So…. there you have it. What can I do now.

I plan to look in the net and print out about law on open burning and also how to use the rubbish they are burning and turning them into compost. Not sure if they will even appreciate it but I feel education is the only way. Then again, the people who does the burning are always the Indo maids and not their owners. what do you think, is it a good idea to tell them that it is illegal to do open burning and there are better ways to reuse the dried leaves/rubbish.

Public can complain to the Department of Environment, website below :


but from some of the forum I’ve read, many are frustrated because when the enforcer do come, the culprit has already gone. Best thing is to take photo or video and send it to the mainstream media or put it on the net. hahahahaha

Read more about air pollution and how you can make a difference at http://thegivinghands.org/environment/5-ways-to-reduce-air-pollution

signing off

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This is the 3R logo I did for a project about 3r sometime early this year for a children exhibition. I’m sure many of you have seen some form or another of this recycle logo. What is 3R ? And are anyone truly practicing them ? I’m happy to say that in Ipoh there’s a company that is promoting 3R and encouraging Perakian to be more environmentally conscious of their surrounding. To know more about this company and their recycling programme please click here.

Let’s get back to 3R. Many website and blogsite explained about 3R. But there are still alot of people who are ignorance or stubborn or couldn’t be bothered. See…. from my way of thinking…. the older generation couldn’t be bothered because they ain’t gonna be around much longer, the mid-age are stubborn because they are too busy making MONEY by destroying the environment and the younger generation is ignorance because they were never taught by their parents or teachers about 3R. Asked around you and I’m sure you will see a pattern appearing of Malaysian who are too BUSY shopping (adding to the rubbish), making MONEY(using up more natural resources) “I’m not against anyone making money but be more environmentally conscious-lah” . You say enough liau-lah, I say no-way. Doesn’t it feels terrible when someone bitch about something you know YOU can do a difference ? Remember what Mahatha Gandhi said, “be the CHANGE you wish to see in THE WORLD” It doesn’t have to be creating or inventing anything to do something for the world, small gesture of managing you waste with 3R makes alot of different. Think about the future generation. This earth/world do belong to them.

Below is the copies I wrote for “A family guide to 3R” brochure. It’s to help every individual to do 3R – REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE.


The issues of pollution and the state of the environment have become worldwide concerns. Every time we turn on TV or read the newspaper we are treated to the latest environmental disaster. Issues like water pollution, the Greenhouse Effect, ozone depletion and acid rain are discussed in every corner of the globe. This new awareness brings hope for the future. We need to work together to keep our planet clean and free of toxic wastes. Remember, earth is our only home.


Waste when thrown into bin, becomes a part of the environment – that’s YOUR environment, everything that surrounds you including air, land, plants, water and man-made things. You need a healthy environment for your own health and happiness. Effective waste management is important, the waste we create has to be carefully controlled so that it does not harm your environment and your health.

What is waste ?
Waste is anything discarded, throwaway, rejected, surplused, abandoned or released into the environment.

If you love your home (earth) than NOW is the time to step up and take action. Be green, be responsible and think of your family’s future.


You and your family can help by practising the 3R’s of waste management : Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Practising all three of these activities everyday is important for a healthy environment. Take a few minutes right now to learn more about waste and waste management, so that you and your family can be key players in making our world a safe and healthy place.

Why do you need to use 3R’s ?
* Saving space
* Saving natural resources
* Save energy
* Reduce pollution


A key part of waste “reduction” is CONSERVATION.
You and your family can practice reduction by selecting products that do not have to be added to landfills.
* Buy and use less
* Wise packaging selections – precycle by purchasing products in packaging that’s recyclable, buy in bulk, refuse to buy over-packaged products, buy unpackaged or “bare” items when you can.
* Buy 100% recyclable products ~ recycled paper, recycled glass etc.
* Avoid man-made fibers
* Refuse store bag, bring your own shopping bag
* Use durable products
* Avoid buying disposable items
* Buy local
* Cut down on can and frozen food
* Cut down on takeaways
* Avoid aerosol sprays (contain CFCs that deplete the ozone layer)
* Avoid buying styrofoam prepackaged items
* Start a garden, consider planting bamboo (stores more CO2 and generate 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees)
* Save water ~ take showers instead of baths, don’t leave water running when cleaning your teeth, fix dripping taps
* Save energy ~ replaced a light bulb with Compact Fluorescent (CFL) because it last up to 10 times longer than traditional bulbs; only lights rooms you are actually occupying; use a laptop; wash clothes in cold water
* Carpool, ride a bicycle or take public transportation
* Unplug electrical appliances when not in used
* Drive smaller, more energy-efficient car & use lead-free petrol
* Never pour toxic substances like insecticide or kerosene or cooking oil down the drain


Do not throw away things that are still usable, pass on to others who can use them. ” One man’s waste is another man’s treasure.”
* re-use disposables like plastic cups, plates, utensils and plastic food storage bags, etc.
* take along lunchbox or tiffin when buying takeaways
* repair rather than replace
* donate to charity
* hold a garage sale or give-away
* Use canvas or cloth bags when shopping
* reuse plastic bags
* buy washable cotton diapers
* use empty plastic water or soft drink bottles as drink bottle for school and office
* buy product in refillable containers e.g. washing powder, coffee, tea etc.
* reuse old envelope
* use both sides of paper
* scrap paper use to make own paper
* rent or borrow items you don’t use very often
* save old egg cartons, toilet rolls, margarine and ice-cream tubs for art & crafts
* use refillable pens instead of disposable
* use rechargeable batteries and refillable print cartridge
* used egg carton to plant seedlings
* find creative way to reuse your waste before throwing it into the bin


Recycling occurs when you save and take reusable materials to places where they can remade it into either the same product or new products. Recycling means turning something old into something new.

Just about anything in your home (or office or school etc.) that cannot be reused CAN be recycled into something else. Set up a system of separating your waste for recycling.

* Paper ~ tie into bundles
* Beverage carton ~ FLIP : open the top side flaps of the carton; FLAP : open the bottom flaps; FLAT : flatten it.
* Aluminium can ~ empty contents, rinse, dry and crush & metal containers ~ empty contents and clean
* Glass ~ empty contents and clean
* Plastic : drinking bottle ~ remove cap, empty bottle, rinse and crush; plastic containers ~ empty contents and clean
* Organic (food scrap) ~ pour into compost heap in your garden to be turn into fertilizer.

Deposit them at the various recycle centre. Make sure you put the waste in the correct bin.

Remember, recycling is a great way to conserve resources – but even better is not to create
the waste in the first place.

Now, isn’t that easy ? There is so much YOU can do with very little effort. And the best part is you will probably save yourself a lot of money while you are at it.

I hope the above do help some of you who are still mong cha cha about 3R. It’s very simple. Start doing it today. You can even collect points and exchange it for Jusco voucher at the link above.


Wow…since this is the most popular post, I’ve decided to bring it up front. To see the actual brochure, you can visit my design site . Sorry, site expired. Will have another up ASAP. See it here.

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What is design ? Being a designer, I’ve been asked that alot. To me, design is not about beautifying ONLY or selling something. It should be enriching life, useful and PRACTICAL. Many say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. True. But beauty for beauty sake does not work in our present world anymore. We NEED product and design that teaches us how to appreciate our environment. And as designers, we should be aware of our changing world/ environment and to encourage our clients to be green as well. Anyway, being in a country where most people don’t CARE much about the environment and acts as if it’s OK to just throw rubbish/ garbage all over the place, I wanna play a part, it maybe small but I think it is still a start.

I want to be a green designer. To do so, I took a pledge – DESIGN CAN CHANGE to show the world (and prospective clients) that I am serious about designing more responsibly and acknowledge that I intend to : LEARN, THINK, ACT, INFORM, UNITE.

Learning more about green design is the very first part of my green pledge. I’ve been a greenie for years and I never really thought about incorporating it inmy work. Of course, I recycle, and  encourages a paperless environment in my SOHO. My design are mainly digital and I never do printout unless requested by the clients. I’ve even encourages clients to communicate more through email and the net rather than meeting that everyone will have to drive and meet somewhere. The change Iam about to take is even more drastic and I know it is going to be a uphill challenge because the people are not quite ready for design that K.I.S.S.

K.I.S.S. ? what is that you say ? KEEP IT SIMPLE & SUSTAINABLE

With that I will explain more about K.I.S.S in my next entry. I hope more designers will take the pledge to change and make our world greener.

green bitch witch 😉

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