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Sorry for the long silence. Truly was a long time since I posted. Mainly due to media blackout ? nay….. my internet connection was OUT for close to 2 weeks. Ran around like headless chicken (no insult to chicken) just to get telekom to get it up and running. Had to go to the hq twice and complaint. Finally, it was done. They did called me up afew times. Anyway, was very busy also the last few weeks with my design work.

My computer  are also giving me problems. It doesn’t rained, it poured…as the saying goes. The current/electricity at my home is very eratic…, sometimes it’s ok but sometimes you can virtually feel the current dimming. I’ve afew posting I would like to share but will have to be later cause I need to finished up my work. Here’s a photo of my dog- ziggy. Isn’t he cool ? You can see him in action here.

woof woof

have a nice and woofy day.

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