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Shop till you drop ? Shopping is more than a day to day chore, for many it’s a delight, and even an art form. For the environment, our shopping habits can be a KILLER.

In Malaysia, we have the MAD sales every year during the month of March, August and December. It’s a yearly affair and everyone just go crazy about it. Little does most shoppers/consumers know that all the products that end up in their home are the major cause of enviromental problems worldwide.
Knowing this, maybe now is a good time to look into our spending habits. 3R stands for reduce, reuse and recycle.
is the operative word here.
If you don’t NEED it, don’t buy it – reduce.
There are 2 main questions to ask yourself before you buy a product.
1. What is the product’s lifespan ?
Its lifespan between purchase and disposal should be as long and useful as possible (excluding food items)
2. Is it environmentally friendly ?
– how will you dispose of the product and/or its packaging ?
– can it be recycled ?
– is it biodegradable?
many of the items you buy will be garbage the next, so it’s important to think ahead.
This is the 10 golden rules I try to follow before going shopping

  1. buy local products
  2. always take your own shopping bag
  3. avoid ‘disposable’ items
  4. buy organically grown fruit and vegetables
  5. look for minimum packaging
  6. avoid aerosol sprays
  7. buy products in reusable or returnable containers
  8. avoid plastic packaging
  9. support shop that offer products friendly to the environment
  10. buy both recycled and recyclable products

Compare to many other countries, Malaysia is still very far behind as being enviromentally friendly. Malaysian must be make aware that all the rubbish they threw out might one day comes back to haunt them.”Out of sight is no longer out of mind!” If everyone do their part in being a responsible consumer, think before buying, stop impulsive spending, maybe, just maybe, the big corporation will sit up and listen and change the way how they manufacture their products that cause damage to the enviroment and pose a potential health hazard. Everything is a cycle. If consumer are educated and demand that they want products that are environmentally friendly, than companies will follow to supply that need.

Starting today, say no to disposable goods.



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It has been a long while. Been busy and under the weather lately. Due to air pollution. Will blog on it later. Here’s wishing everyone a horrorfic all hallow day.

With all the fun and excitement don’t forget to think green, act green. Think B4 you act. No throwing things all over the place after the fun or you’ll have all the ghouls coming after you. Make this year halloween a GREEN one.

green witch

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