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Yup…. blog recycling, anyway, I wrote this piece quite sometime back in my other blog which I haven’t been updating much since I started on this green blog. Thought I would share this with you all. Doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not.

So what do you think about this poster I found. Interesting right ? I found that I had done most of the things suggested on the list. So does that mean I’m a true GENUINE ARTIST ? hahahaha

stay loose. learn to watch snailshuh ? ok…can do that gardening got lots of snails, probably will smashed them with my spade – not a very green thing to do huh ?

plant impossible garden umm… does planting weed that can be used as herb considered impossible garden ? or even planting poisonous plant considered IMPOSSIBLE garden ?

invite someone dangerous to tea – I don’t do tea and who can I invite that’s dangerous ? my father-in-law ? the reaper ? ummm….

make little sign that says yes and post them all over the house i think i tried that last christmas

make friends with freedom, uncertainty – been there and done that, freedom only in the mind and uncertainty is the bread and butter for artes

look forward to dreams – wow… love my dreams

cry during movies – this is one thing I can’t stop even if I want to, so embarassing

swing as high as you can on a swingset on moonlight – always love swing and swinging in moonlight makes you feel like interacting with the fey

cultivate mood – boy, do I have alot of mood swing, part of my personality

refuse to be responsible – well, easy peasy, swing low and forget everything

do it for love – love makes the world go round

take lots of naps – ya… yawn…

give away money. do it now.the money will follow – give to charity, the more you give the more you receive, what if you got no money huh ?

believe in magic – yup…. the keyword is believe…. that’s what give you imagination

laugh a lot – my favourite exercise

celebrate every gorgeous moment – now this remain me of the phase ” life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take you breath away”

take moonbath – love doing this especially for courting couple and also old married couple hehehehe “sai yit kong”, “jemu bulan ?”

imagine yourself magic – always had very wild imagination and wanted to be the fairy queen/ witch

giggle with children – I’m a giggling idiot most of the time. guess I’m more a kid than most kiddies

listen to old people – oooo…. must I, seems to be doing alot of that my whole life oops…I’m also turning into one of them…eeeee

open up. dive in. be free – I am born FREE

bless yourself. drive away fear – I always refer to this quote ” never let FEAR stand in the way of your dream”

play with everything. entertain your inner child – I am a toy’r’us kid ok ? so I NEVER grow up lor

you are innocent. built a fort with blankets – umm… still do that sometimes, kinda fun until it’s wash day

get wet. hug trees – i love riding or even walking in the rain, makes you feel human and hugging trees are my thing man…. i am a true blue tree hugger

write love letters – writing love letters is really about expressing oneself totally and I do have a journal take I write in constantly, more of love letter to god

checkout if you pass the whole list. something to look through during a rainy evening or just for kick. There’s a little creativity/imagination/artist in everyone of us. Cultivate it, because the mind is a beautiful thing.

Have a wonderful weekend. Smile and the whole world smile with you. 🙂

green artist


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What is sympathetic packaging ?
It is the minimum required to contain a product and keep it fresh. It should also be reusable or biodegradable and able to be recycled.

Ever bought product that way over wrap ? I have no doubt that alot of times it feels like unwrapping christmas present. But do we really need all those wasteful plastic or paper wrapper ?


” Wanted to show mooncake packaging that’s way too many wrapping but couldn’t find my photos.”

Don’t buy over-packaged products that are bandaged in layer upon layer of wrapping. Little or no packaging is best. Think of your budget as well as the waste – a large percentage of your weekly shopping bill is spent just on packaging. (being a designer, it has wisen me up on making sure that my design are not over packaged. Also to keep to the ideology that less is more)

Take your own shopping bag.
A sturdy canvas or string carry bag holds hold more than a platic one. Remember that plastic don’t break down and can’t be recycled, so any plastic bag you do have, try to reuse. AVOID plastic packaging.

(I’m happy to see afew companies in Malaysia taking the initiative to encourage the public to bring their own bags for shopping – kudos to Jusco and tesco. How about the rest ?)


1. avoid buying products with individual packs inside (eg. 3-in-1 beverage ~ guilty of using these and are really trying to cut down on this…hey I am only human)
2. cut down on canned food ~ buy fresh because it’s better and tastier
3. buy soft drink in large bottles ~ I don’t really think that soft drinks are good for health due to the large quantity of sugar in it but hey…. do indulge in it once in a while.
4. Buy fresh, not frozen ~ taste better and easily available in this country.
5. Cutdown/ avoid takeaways. Most takeways nowadays uses styrofoam (polystyrene) and its not RECYCLEABLE here in this country. It takes an incredibly long time to break down in the environment. If you really need to have takeaway, maybe you can bring your own container ?
6. Cut down on plastic bags

7. Avoid buying prepackaged food on syrofoam tray with plastic wrap pulled over. Look good but these packs are presentation ploy and often conceal second rate or rotten produce.
8. Buy in bulk, better yet see if they do re-filled.
9. Used by date on a product indicates the date by which it must be consumed. Never buy outdated foodstuffs.

Green witch

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