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This probably my last few hours before Earth Hour Day begins for me. The last dash to the finish line. Calling all citizen of Earth. Fellow earthling, place your VOTE for EARTH. If you don’t than you don’t deserve to be on Earth.


Mother Earth, Gaia will be watching as to how you place your vote. Every vote counts. Start switching off those lights. Let’s enjoy nature, candle light dinner or better yet bbq with friends. Cheers.

green witch/bitch 😉


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Received a notice from TNB regarding upgrading of electricity supply at my premise. Supply of electricity will be temporarily interrupted between 9am to 6pm on the 28th March 2009. There you see…. it’s going to be Earth Day Hours for me. Not only 1 hour but additional 9 hours. :0pict5607

Here is to count down to Earth Hour 2009 and in my case Earth Day Hours. Light those candles and bring out those hand held papan fan. Here’s my VOTE FOR EARTH. Thanks to TNB.

green bitch ;\

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Today, 22nd March 2009 is World Water Day. Truth be told, I didn’t know there was such a thing. We all need water to survive. It is the basic requirement for all life on earth, yet water are facing increasing demands from, and competiton among users. Malaysian should be thankful that
we have clean and affordable water at the moment. If we do not cherish the little and simple things we have we will never appreciate the great
and good things later. Water give life and for that reason, people settle along riverbank, propogate and town and cities florished. Let us work together to take better care of our rivers and oceans so that our future generation will still be able to have clean water to drink and there will
still be fishes  in the sea. Take good care of mother earth.

“Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.”
~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

World Water Day started in 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment & Developement in Rio de Janeiro. It has been observerd every year since 1993 to draw attention to the importance of fresh water, particularly for the nearly 1 billion people without access to clean drinking water and the 2.5 billion without proper sanitation. The Theme for 2009 is Transboundary waters : sharing water, sharing opportunities. We call attention to waters that cross borders and link us together. To read more here.

Have a Great Sabbath and conserve water.

green witch 😉

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So… what is the big deal about this thingie call EARTH HOUR ? Well, it’s actually a specific time and date where participating countries will switched off their light for an hour. This year Malaysia will join a group of other countries in doing it on the 28 March, 2009 at 8.30pm to 9.30pm (Malaysian time) If you chose to flick the switch you are voting for Earth and if you refuse than you are voting for global warming. I find it to be great promotional way to encourage people to conserve energy and trying to do this together does show brotherhood among humankind. This event is bought to you by WWF (World Wildlife Fun) and they are encouraging people of Earth to VOTE for EARTH. They are targeting for 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009.

Earth Hour started in Sdyney in 2007 where 2.2 miliion household and business switched off their lights for one hour. 2008 saw it turned into a global sustainable movement where more than 50 million people switching off their lights. 2009, over 70 countries and territories has pleadge their support to VOTE FOR EARTH. Take your stand now.

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”
Malcolm X

What is so difficult about switching off your light for an hour ? Just think of it as a romantic time together with your love one with candles or just enjoy the night sky. By switching off your light you have taken the pledge to stand by EARTH.

To read more on Earth Hour ~ Malaysia

here is me switching off

greenwitch 😉

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I’ve been a fan of Nickelback for quite a while now and would like to share with you all this song by them. Why the title “If everyone cared!” ? Mainly because someday when you wakeup, you just feel as if the whole world is against you. You wonder if a small insignificant “little you” can do any changes at all. Take for example the planet earth where you can keep on harping about greening the planet, don’t burn your rubbish, recycle, do 3R, etc. Then you come across a song like this one and you truly wish that everyone will really care about the things that matter and not what’s the lastest fad.

Here is an inspirational quote to make you feel -hey…. I can make a difference.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
Dalai Lama XIV


If Everyone Cared lyrics

From underneath the trees, we watch the sky
Confusing stars for satellites
I never dreamed that you’d be mine
But here we are, we’re here tonight

Singing Amen, I, I’m alive
Singing Amen, I, I’m alive

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we’d see the day when nobody died

And I’m singing Amen

Amen I, Amen I, I’m alive
Amen I, Amen I, Amen I, I’m alive

And in the air the fireflies
Our only light in paradise
We’ll show the world they were wrong
And teach them all to sing along

Singing Amen, I, I’m alive
Singing Amen, I, I’m alive
(I’m alive)

[Chorus x2]

And as we lie beneath the stars
We realize how small we are
If they could love like you and me
Imagine what the world could be

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we’d see the day when nobody died
When nobody died…


We’d see the day, we’d see the day
When nobody died
We’d see the day, we’d see the day
When nobody died
We’d see the day when nobody died

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

green witch 😉

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With the economic crisis hitting everyone everywhere, it is even more important that all of us spent prudently. With this in mind, I would like to encourage more people to take up the challenge of REPAIR rather than RECYCLE. Below is a Repair Manifesto by Platform21 which I find to be useful and would like to share with all.


Repairing discourages our throw away culture. It makes us value the things we have. As far as I can remember, this throw away culture happens fairly recently in this country. It is mostly because buying a brand NEW appliances will cost about the same as repairing that alot decide to go for a new one. Hopefully, with the economic downturn, everyone will once again go back to our age old way of repairing things and reusing them until they are truly unuseble. We must learn to be part of nature that are not wasteful.

Another reason why everyone should try to REDUCE, REUSE & REPAIR is that the multibillion-dollar recycling industry has gone into a nosedive because of the global economic crisis and a drop in commodity prices.

china-recycle-may12Source : AP

Look at all those waste and this is suppose to be from foreign countries selling thier waste to China. We are indeed very wastefull.


green b.i.t.c.h (babes in total control of herself) 😉

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This blog is NOT about the politics in Perak. But instead I am more interested in the TREE. Yes, the rain tree that was used by the Perak Assemblyman to hold an emergency meeting on the 03.03.2009.

Feedback from some of the country top leaders is to ridicule the tree assembly. Truth be told, I was frustrated by everything that has been happening here. Being an ordinary folk who lived here for more than 15 years, this town is now the laughing stock not because of what happened beneath the “rain tree” but the “comedy of error”. This blog pay Tribute to this beautiful tree for doing what others cannot do for the people of Perak ~ Shelter from INJUSTICE.

I was not present at the eventful day but saw it in TV. Yesterday, I had to attend some business in the area and decided to photograph the Rain Tree that inspired many Malaysian and given us back a little hope of democracy. That tree remind us that the situation may be helpless but not hopeless. At the end of the historic day, the tree was given the name ~ Tree of Democracy.

Here, I would like to call upon all tree lovers, greenie, nature lover, environmentalist, naturalist etc to pay tribute to this beautiful tree. Why ? Because it is an inspiration to all. My way of venting out my frustration is to make a little poster as my tribute to this tree. Anyone who ridicule the tree do not understand the importance of tree in our “Asian values”. read more about tree here.


peace to all,
green w.i.t.c.h. (Woman in total control of herself)

Since 8th of March is Woman’s Day, would like to wish all woman out there a very Happy Woman’s Day. Be strong and congratulation to Bar Council’s Chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan for been selected as a winner of the International Women of Courage Award for ‘championing the rule of law’.

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