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Wishing all fellow Malaysian a Happy 52nd Independence Day.

True independence and freedom

can only exist in doing what’s right.”

Brigham Young

Love your fellow earthlings as you love yourself. Earth our HOME needs you.

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“True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right.”   – Brigham Young“True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right.”   – Brigham Young

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source : Julie L.

source : Julie L.

Zhong Yuan Festival or more commonly known as Hungry Ghost Festival (中元节) is a traditional chinese festival celebrated by chinese all over the world.  In the chinese lunar calendar, it falls on the 15th night of the seventh lunar month.

The chinese traditions belief that on the fifteenth day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar is called Ghost Day and the seventh month in general is regarded as the Ghost Month (鬼月), in which ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the lower realm. During the Qing Ming Festival, the living descendants pay homage to their ancestors and on Ghost Day, the deceased visit the living.

On the fifteenth day the three realms of Heaven, Hell and the realm of the living are open and both Taoists and Buddhists would perform rituals to transmute and absolve the sufferings of the deceased. Originally, Zhong Yuan Festival was a day to rememberance of ancestors. After Buddhism was introduced to China the festival took on a Buddhist flavour and become known as Yu Lan Pen Jie (chinese translation of the sanskrit term ullamban, meaning ‘to be suspended in suffering’. According to legend, this festival originated with the attempt of Mulian (Maudgalyayana, one of Buddha’s disciples) to save his mother.

Maudgalyayana’s mother had died and fallen into hell, where she had to compete with hungry ghosts for food. Maudgalyayana had the power of clairvoyance and could see her plight. He tried to send her food, but when it reached his mother’s hands, it would burst into flames. The Buddha taught him to makr offerings of food to placate the other ghosts so that they would not snatch food from her.”

Activities during the month would include preparing ritualistic food offerings, burning incense, and burning joss stick, paper form of material items such as clothes, gold and other fine goods for the visiting spirits of the ancestors. Elaborate meals would be served with empty seats for each of the deceased in the family treating the deceased as if they are still living. Zhong Yuan/ Ghost Festival includes paying respects to all deceased, including the same and younger generations.

Since young, everytime when Hungry Ghost Festival month draw near, many tend to stay home as not to met any wondering spirit.

Source : Julie L.

Source : Julie L.

Light a candle to remember those who has gone before us.

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