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June 5 is World Environmental Day. This year 2010, the theme is Many Species. One Planet. One Future. Apparently, everyone is into the word ONE. In Malaysia, we are into the slogan One Malaysia and everything else nowadays will be tag One ……

It’s interesting to see we have finally willing to acknowledge that we all are ONE. All sharing ONE planet and trying our best now to move together to save this planet in 0rder to have ONE future.

The United Nation Enviromental Programme has a series that explain clearly on how we all as ONE can work towards ONE future.

Celebrate nature’s genius! Don’t that says everything. Open your eyes PLEASE!!!! See the beauty and diversity around you and imagine if suddenly they are no more there and your children’s children will never be able to see and experience all these. This planet is for all, past present and future. Do something now before you take away the future that wasn’t even yours to take/destroy. To read and be more pro-active go here.

To get the info material you see here and more go the the UN website. There you can also download template to create a t-shirt.


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Another year has passes and Green Witch/Bitch is 2 today. I started this blog as an experimentation and a learning process for myself to find out more about blog and wordpress as a blogging tool. What you know, I’m still around and enjoying myself . Thank you to all who visited this blog and hope that it has inspired some of you out there to be more environmental conscious.

Life is meaningless only if we allow it to be.
Each of us has the power to give life meaning,
to make our time and our bodies and our words
into instruments of love and hope.

~ Tom Head

With that quote, here’s to many more good years. So what are you waiting for, you have the POWER to change your surrounding. BE GREEN, STAY GREEN. LIVE GREEN AND PROSPEROUS.

green witch/bitch

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