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First of, let me just say …..

Happy Heritage Day 2011.

Tin Mining in Malaysia 1800-2000: The Osborne & Chappel Story. Written by David Palmer and Michael Joll.

Yesterday I was in Gopeng for the launching of David Palmer’s book titled Tin Mining in Malaysia 1800-2000: The Osborne & Chappel Story. Have been working on the book for the past few months and am very glad to see it published and launched. The book is published by Muzium Gopeng who are also offically opening their “Heritage House”. The event was officiated by the Minister of Tourism YB Dato’ Sri Ng Yen Yen.

Dato Ng Yen Yen holding the book with the author David Palmer on the left.

Hard covered, 352 pages, and featuring a wealth of original illustrations, maps, tables and never before seen photographs. Priced at RM100 / GBP20 (excluding packing and postage). You can order by email from Mrs Mai Palmer – mataniph@yahoo.com . Or just go over to http://www.osbornechappelstory99.wordpress.com

Heritage House in Gopeng

The Heritage House is located at 6, Jalan Sungai Itek, 31600 Gopeng. Tel : 05-3597828. “It is the latest building in Gopeng to be restored with the aim of transporting visitors back in time to have a glimpse of how life was when the Kinta Valley had the richest tin mines in the world.” – source Foong Thim Leng ~ Starmetro. Visit to Heritage House is by appointment only and there’s also a “homestay programme”. Beside the Opening of Heritage House and the launching of “Tin Mining in Malaysia 1800-2000: The Osborne & Chappel Story”, Muzium Gopeng is also celebrating their 2nd Anniversary as well as World Heritage Day. The town that once was the base for “Sup Yee Kongsi” (Osborne & Chappel) is moving towards Heritage Eco-Tourism. Well done Gopeng. To all, cheers. HAPPY HERITAGE DAY 2011. “It is not the HONOR that you take with you but the HERITAGE you leave behind.” – Branch Rickey greenbitch/witch


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The International Day for Monuments and Sites (informally known as the World Heritage Day) was created on 18th April, 1982, by ICOMOS and later approved at the 22nd UNESCO General Conference in 1983. Check out more in my last year blog.

This year 2010 the theme is AGRICULTURAL HERITAGE. To know more about Agricultural Heritage go here.

Heritage Trail Map 1 by Kinta Heritage Sdn Bhd

As for me, I’ll probably checkout Ipoh Heritage Walk that going to be taken place on April 25. The tour, commencing at the Ipoh Town Hall at 8.00 a.m., a total of 24 heritage buildings located within the perimeter of Club Road (Jalan Dato‚Äô Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab), Post Office Road (Jalan Dewan), Clayton Road (Jalan S.P. Seenivasagam) and Belfield Street (Jalan Sultan Yussuf) will be visited. Read more here.

Whatever you be doing, take a moment to appreciate our heritage. Once gone, can never get it back again.


green bitch/witch ūüėČ

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Perak Heritage Society or better known as PHS has recently joined the rest of us in going digital ~ blogging about things that are close to their heart – HERITAGE.

With so many of us turning to new and modern looking stuffs, changing of styles and fashion and totally forgetting our very own heritage. Take time to look back at how simpler life was. Appreciate the beauty around us, whether it’s the scenery, building, people, culture etc, because once gone you might NEVER be able to see it again. Enjoy the moment because it is PRECIOUS.

“It is not the honor that you take
with you, but the
heritage you leave behind.”
~ Branch Rickey

So what are you waiting for, do your part. To know more about PHS, please click here.

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UN World Water Day 2010 Poster.

Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.
‚ÄĒ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Last year I blog about it and it seems everyone of us did take for granted that water is there for us everytime we needed it. Sure water is relatively affordable in this country. Most household get their water from the tap. Lately, with the hot weather, dams are drying up and several states are asking people to be more prudent when using water.

It is very interesting to see people not caring about water and only make noise when they cannot get any. Human nature. There are still alot of people who do not get source to clean water everyday around the world. Read more here.

The reality is that an estimated 1.1 billion people rely on unsafe drinking-water sources. Therefore the theme of World Water Day 2010 is focusing on raising awareness of water quality under the theme ”¬†Clean Water for a Healthy World“.

Let us all raise our glass of water to celebrate on this World Water Day 2010 in praying and be thankful for the blessing each of us received in having water to drink. May everyone of you see a glass of water as a GIFT from above. ¬†Salute…, Kampai….

Drink up. Who knows when you might get another glass of clean water again. The climate change has also effected our water supply. Remember WATER IS LIFE. Without water there is NO LIFE.

Green BITCH ūüėČ

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What is this “SEAL THE DEAL!” Campaign ?
The UN-led Seal the Deal Campaign aims to galvanize political will and public
support for reaching a comprehensive global climate agreement in
Copenhagen in December.

Climate change affects us all. Nine out of every ten disasters recorded are now
climate related. Rising temperatures and more frequent floods, droughts and
storms affect millions of people’s lives. This is set against a backdrop of
financial and food insecurity.

On December 7, governments will gather in Copenhagen, Denmark to
respond to one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. The main question
will be how protect the planet and create a green economy that will lead to
long-term prosperity.

Reaching a deal by the time the meeting ends on December 18 will depend not
only on complex political negotiations, but also on public pressure from
around the globe.

The United Nations has launched ‚ÄúSeal the Deal‚ÄĚ campaign that encourages
users to sign an online, global petition which will be presented by civil society
to governments of the world.

The petition will serve as a reminder that our leaders must negotiate a fair,
balanced and effective agreement in Copenhagen, and that they must seal a
deal to power green growth, protect our planet and build a more sustainable,
prosperous global economy that will benefit all nations and people.


Please go to http://www.sealthedeal2009.org/ to sign a petition for a
fair climate agreement at the Copenhagen conference.



For those of you who want to learn more about the Global Climate Week
go here.

Since I am pretty far away from Copenhagen, I’ve given my support by signing
the petition and asking my friends to do the same. Will defrinately be wearing
GREEN on the 22nd September.

What are you waiting for, just put your stamp on the “Seal the Deal” Campaign
and feel  great about yourself for doing something good for EARTH!

Green bitch/witch 8)

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On September 3, 1899 a girl was born with the name Sybil Medan Daly( Medan because she was born in Medan). She grow up and was a trained nurse and midwife, married to Dr. Abdon Clement Kathigasu in 1919. She was better known as Sybil Kathigasu. They operated a clinic at No. 141 Brewster Road (now Jalan Sultan Idris Shah) in Ipoh from 1926 until the Japanese invaded Malaya.

papanmapThe spot mark yellow is Sybil’s Clinic in Papan.

The family escaped to the nearby town of Papan days before Japanese forces occupied Ipoh.  They lived at No. 74, Main Street Papan.

The family took refuge outside Ipoh because Ipoh was bombed. They turned into Papan as they heard planes flying above. They met a friend and moved immediately into No.74.


TheClinic, No 74, Main Street Papan.

She secretly listened to BBC broadcast. The family quietly supplied medicines, medical services and information to the resistance forces until they were arrested in 1943.


Despite being iterrogated and tortured by the Japanese military police, Sybil persisted in her efforts and was thrown in Batu Gajah jail.

Sybil did not persist in her effort once she was jailed. She refused to cooperate with the Kempeitai. she refused to admit that she helped the anti-Japanese willingly. She claimed she was forced into it. She took on all the responsibility for helping them in order that her husband and adopted son William Pillay may be let off lightly.

After Malaya was liberated in August 1945, Kathigasu was flown to Britain for medical treatment. There, she began writing her memoirs.

Sybil received the George Medal for Gallantry several months before her death . She was the first Malayan woman to be awarded  the medal for bravery.

Dawn(Sybil’s daughter) was the brave¬†little soldier who received a citation for her bravery. It is mentioned in Ho Tak Ming’s DOCTORS EXTRAORDINAIRE.

Sybil Kathigasu died on 12 June 1948 in Britain and her body was buried in Lanark, Scotland.¬†Her body was later returned to Ipoh¬†and buried at the Roman Cathalic¬†cemetery beside St Michael’s Church.

A road in the City of  Ipoh was named after Sybil Kathigasu after independence to commemorate her bravery.

The road named after Sybil is in Fair Park, Ipoh. Road name: Jalan Sybil Kathigasu.

Today, the shop house at 74, Main Road, Papan, serves as a memorial to Sybil Kathigasu is a private project of Law Siak Hong, currently the President of Perak Heritage Society.

To know more about the life of Sybil Kathigasu, read No Dram of Mercy by Neville Spearman.

(The original edition of NO DRAM OF MERCY, published by Neville Spearman, is long out of print. The second edition, by Oxford Uni Press, Singapore, 1983, is also out of print.The only version still available is published in 2005 by Prometheus Enterprise, KL. Also published by Prometheus, a Chinese tanslation of the book is a work of literature well worth a read.There is another book, as you know: Faces of Courage, which incorporates the whole text of No Dram Of Mercy.

There’s also a Singapore TV drama series titled The Price of Peace about her life.

Recently, Malaysia’s Actor Studio had a play SYBIL, world premiere in KL on¬†12 June 2008

Here is a woman of great courage and a great role model to all female of all ages. She is the real deal to GIRL POWER!!

To read more please go here. For those of you who wishes to visit the Papan Clinic you can contact

Law Siak Hong 017-5061875.
To see more photos of Sybil’s clinic here.

You are a true heroine of our time.

green bitch;)

Source : Wikipedia

A special thanks to Law Siak Hong for the additional information.

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I’m taking a short breather from work and thought to share something about the place I call HOME. Before I relocate to Ipoh, Perak, I had never visited the State or the town. The weird things is I’ve managed to build my nest here in this town that tin built. Eventhrough I stayed here for close to 16 years, I never know much about the history of this town and it’s surrounding towns, until I met Perak Heritage Society President Mr Law Siak Hong. Anyone who wants to know anything about Perak, Ipoh , it’s surrounding towns as well as Kinta Valley will find that Mr Law has a wealth of information at his fingertips.

What is interesting is that you will get drawn into the history of the place more if you can imagine or see the way of life during the time. Reliving a place through it’s history. ¬†Last saturday, Star had an article ” Weekend journey takes bloggers through Perak’s history” by Alicia Mun. You can read the article here.

Below are videos of Papan-Gopeng. Enjoy.

Home is where you set root right ? Home is where the heart is or home is where you intend to be part of it’s HISTORY. If we take away the story of a place than you will be left with nothing. A clean piece of paper. Whatever the answers or questions, here is my HOME. I will accept it’s past as well as embrace it future. But at the moment I will accept it’s PRESENT.

Today-Is-A-Gift-Postersgreen witch 8)

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